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John Diamondopoulos

Trader and Global Macro Analyst

John provides proprietary commentary on the global financial markets through the Global Macro Advisory™ online newsletter.  However, John goes one critical step beyond just providing commentary by giving his clients significant value with 5 to 10+ high reward to risk trades in HammerHead Trading™, part of the Global Macro Advisory™ online newsletter.  He utilizes option strategies to achieve better risk/reward trades, but the trades can also be made without the use of options depending on the risk profile of clients.
John brings over 15 years of highly successful options trading experience particularly during times of financial crises where macro factors are crucial to trading success.  For example, he achieved exceptional returns during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and during the 2007-2008 Credit Crunch. In fact, he predicted both financial crises earning a return that was several times his initial investment.
His professional business experience includes over 15 years of consulting, entrepreneurial and international business experience.  At AXA Financial, John successfully advised businesses and wealthy individuals regarding retirement planning, investments, insurance, and asset protection strategies. In addition, he has trained bankers and business executives from the Agricultural Development Bank of China, Central Bank of Turkey, CUNIF (Spanish Banking Association School) and other major institutions and firms.

Education and Academic Experience

John holds two post-graduate degrees – MA in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University (Boston) and an MRes in European Policy and Management from the University of London.  In addition, a BA in Economics with minors in Business Administration and Chemistry from Boston University.
Currently, John is completing his PhD at Birkbeck College, University of London.  His research focus is the development of a theory of financial crises.  The title is: The Socio-Political Theory of Crises (SPTC)©.  This theory is process-based and seeks to provide an understanding and explanation of financial crises.

At the European Business School London, John holds the position of Senior Lecturer in Finance and is responsible for teaching international and highly specialized finance modules on three post-graduate programs –  MSc in Global Banking & Finance, MA International Business and MA in Entrepreneurship.  Modules include: Trading, Alternative Investments (Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital), and International Finance.  In addition, John jointly developed and taught a module on Financial Crises for undergraduate students.

Research - Academic Publications

Research Interests:  Financial Crises, Politics of Financial Crises, Sociological and Behavioural Aspects of Financial Markets, Political Economics, Monetary Policy, Alternative Investments and Trading Strategies

Monetary Policy

Diamondopoulos, John. 2012. Transparency ‘footprints’ of Central Banks: The role of minutes/voting records. Journal of Socio-Economics, Vol. 41, Issue 2, April 2012, 235-247. (SSRN Older Free Version)

Diamondopoulos, John. 2010. ECB Transparency: the role of minutes and voting records. Germany: LAP Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-8383-4388-4

Financial Crises

Diamondopoulos, John. 2012. To What Extent are Financial Crises Comparable and thus Predictable?  Social Science Research Network (SSRN) e-journals: Financial Crises; Macroeconomic Monetary and Fiscal Policies (posted in March 2013)