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In addition to our Terms and Conditions, there are additional important points that apply while using our website.

The Responsibility of Your Investments are Yours and Yours Alone

You acknowledge that reading and using the information provided on our website is clearly at your own risk.  We are not liable for losses or damages that may occur as a result form you acting or not acting from reading any information on our website or publications.

We do not Provide Investment Advice or Recommendations, Only Information for Education Purposes

You should not consider or construe any information or publications that we provide as investment advice.  We simply do not provide investment advice nor are we licensed to provide investment advice.

Our information and publication are strictly for educational purposes.

You Must Conduct Your Own Independent Research

Before making any decision to invest, it is important that you conduct your own independent research.  Different investors have different needs and investment objective.  In addition, the risk profile and financial situation or any particular investor or individual could vary greatly.  Thus, our information and publications may or may not be appropriate or suitable for your particular investment objectives, financial situation and risk tolerance.  Thus, we strongly recommend that you consult and seek investment advice before basing any decision to invest on our information or publications.

It is Your Responsibility to Independently Verify Facts and Data

Information and publications that we provide is based on sources that we deem or believe to be accurate, reliable and complete.  However it is impossible for us to confirm or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of our information or publications.  In addition, any views or opinions that we provide may be wrong and may change at any time depending on our interpretation of market conditions. It is solely your responsibility to conduct your own independent verification of all the facts and data and to use your own judgement in interpreting market conditions before undertaking any investment decisions.

We are not Registered Investment Advisers, Thus You Must Seek Your Own Professional Advice

Before undertaking any investment decision, it is highly recommended that you obtain advice from a financial advisor. Macro Trading Edge LTD is not a registered investment adviser and we do not provide investment advice or recommendations. Macro Trading Edge LTD is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

You need to be aware that past performance is not a guide or guarantee of future performance.  Prices may go down or up and in some investment assets it is possible that you may loose more than your original investment.  It is your responsibility to see professional advice from a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decision.


If we have any beneficial interest in a particular company or asset, this will be disclosed in the publication.

Last Update:  September 3, 2022